Biocaine Injection (Lidocaine)

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Biochem Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
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Local anesthesia (Numb tissues in a specific area), Arrhythmias
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30ml in Vial
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Biocaine Injection 30ml (Lidocaine 2%)
2% In 30ml Price: Price/unit Quantity
3 injection/s
$3.33 /Piece
6 injection/s
$3.00 /Piece
9 injection/s
$2.78 /Piece


Generic lidocaine injection stops the sensation of pain due to the presence of an active ingredient called Lidocaine. The sensation of pain happens when the receptors send the signals to the brain via central nervous system indicating pain. The receptors work through the voltage-gated channels and send sodium ions from inside of the cell to outside. This flow of ions triggers the voltage channel which sends the messages to the brain signalling pain and other sensations. Biocaine prevents the sodium ions from going through the voltage channels. Even before the pain signals are formed, they are stopped, thus nipping the pain the bud.

There are many medicines that have exactly the same composition, form, and strength as generic Lidocaine injection and can be suitably used as its substitute.

  • Lignocaine (Cadila) 2 % Injection
  • Unicain 2 % Injection
  • Wocaine 2 % Injection
  • Xylocaine Adrenaline 2 % Injection
  • Xylocard 2 % Injection

some substitute in the different foam are as follow:

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