Climax Spray (Lidocaine)

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MidasCare Pharma
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Indication :
Topical anesthesia of the mucous membranes
Packaging :
200 Sprays (12gm in Bottle)
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Climax Spray 12g (Lidocaine 10%)
12g Price: Price/unit Quantity
3 Sprays
$6.33 /Piece 0
6 Sprays
$6.00 /Piece 0
9 Sprays
$5.89 /Piece 0


The recommended dosage is four sprays, but the sensitivity may differ from person to person, and some may find that three sprays of Climax delay spray is sufficient to delay ejaculation and prolongs sex. The maximum dosage is ten sprays per day. And please ensures to wash the Climax Lidocaine lotion thoroughly off the penis before oral sex or else the partner may feel numbness in the mouth and sometimes causes dizziness also.

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