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SafeGenericPharmacy has generic medication that is on an “as available” basis. We try to have every medication in stock, but occasionally there will be times that the medication will be. We will not be responsible for any side effects to the medication, as your doctor should explain them all to you. Your doctor will be responsible, as well as you to know which medication you should take to treat your symptoms. If there is a problem and if you need to know ahead of time if we have the medication, you can simply call our customer service department. All of our medication is on record, as well as how much of it we have left. We are not liable to keep any on hand if we are unsure who is going to order through our company.

SafeGenericPharmacy only fills the prescription medication for you and ships it to you. We do follow medication regulations even though we are affiliated online. We will provide you with the most optimum pharmaceutical care. We care about your safety, and we want everything about our company to be 100% safe for you. We will follow the strict guidelines. If you have any questions at any time about these guidelines, we are here to clear any questions or confusion up for you.

The FDA has certain guidelines when it comes to authorizing the enforcement discretion so the residents will be able to order certain medications. Typically, the max will be a 3-month supply. When there is only a certain amount the FDA approves, we go by those guidelines very precisely. When the FDA changes the guidelines, we will have to change ours. That’s why it’s so important to keep checking back to see if there are any changes with this disclaimer as it is subject to change at any time, without any warning.

The medication that we supply you, our customer, is solely only intended on use by you. You may not, under any circumstances, use this medication for re-sale. Not only is this illegal, we won’t allow it with this company. This medication may not also be given to anyone else, except the person that is on the prescription. SafeGenericPharmacy will not be held liable for any person(s) not following this guideline. We will however suspend any person(s) from using our website if we find that they are violating the terms. Any legal action could occur.

At SafeGenericPharmacy we don’t offer brand name prescription drugs. We only offer generic brands. Our website only has our trademark and will solely be our own company dispensing these medications to our customers. There is no third party that is involved. All you do is put your prescription through from your doctor, and we mail you the right medication. It’s cheaper and more convenient for many people. We have our own guidelines and rules set with our website. We have our own patent and trademark. We don’t go by any other guidelines other than the FDA and our own.

All information that is on the site will only be for medical and health conditions. We are not at all trying to replace any physicians’ advice. We only go by what your doctor says. The medication we ship out to you will only be how much the physician had stated on the prescription. You must take the medication how your doctor explained to you. We don’t change any of that information.

We don’t claim any responsibility to any information from third parties that try to link us to. Unless we say otherwise, we don’t encourage you to follow any medical information on any other websites on the outside. Only go by our information on our website. We won’t have any medical information. Any medical information should be given to your by your doctor. Never follow anyone’s medical advice on the internet. Your doctor is the only one that should be giving you any kind of medical advice. We are not doctors and most people you will talk to on the internet aren’t either. Please use caution and ask your doctor for any medical questions or concerns.

From time to time, we may have some informational advertisements. These are for learning only and should not be used if suggested otherwise from your doctor. If you try anything new, even from our website, your doctor should be aware of it before hand. We will not be responsible for any customer(s) trying something from our site without first talking with their doctor. We care about the safety of our patients, and we realize it’s not good to go without any medication, or even taking new medication before telling the doctor. It can be very harmful and we strongly are against that.

Any part of our website that you find not working, you can contact us right away and we will get that issue resolved. If you have any questions or concerns, it’s best to contact us. We want to ensure that our website it typically working for each and every one of our customer’s to access it 24/7. We never want you to be without ordering your medication. Once in a great while, there can be a glitch in the system. We would rather you call and talk to support than to not be able to order your medication that day.

*Not all medications will be available at all times. It’s best to check with us if you find that yours is out of stock. If you know you will need your medication, please contact us head of time so we can go forward accordingly.*

If you have any questions, please contact our customer service department. We take each call seriously, and we take pride in knowing you are our customer. We want each customer to have a pleasant surprise. Call with a question or concern at any time during our business hours, and you can be sure to receive the answer to any question. If you have any issues or concerns, please call customer support and we will direct you to the right person in the company.