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Cipla Limited
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Erectile dysfunction
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4 Tablets in Strip & 10 Tablets in Strip
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Tadacip 20 (Tadalafil 20mg)
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90 Tablet/s
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Tadacip Pill are a drug that is manufactured by Cipla. The drug comes under the prescription category so the patient will need a prescription from their doctor to use this drug.

Tadacip 20 are a specialized type of drug which finds their usage in different sorts of conditions. Manufactured to work as fast as 30 minutes, the tablets are used for treating conditions such as erectile dysfunction in men. The inhibiting properties of the active agent present inside the drug facilitate blood flow and bring quick relief.

This generic drug is prescribed in the conditions where a phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor property are required from a drug. The active agent present inside the Tadacip 20 mg pill is most prescribed to men suffering from erectile dysfunction. Although that forms the major base for the use of the drug, there are a couple of other conditions for which the drug is used.

The other conditions involve high blood pressure in the veins between the lungs and the heart known as Pulmonary Hypertension. The inhibiting properties are very useful for this condition. The drug is also prescribed to some patients that have an enlarged prostate gland.

This medication contain an active ingredient inside each tablet known as Tadalafil. This active ingredient may vary when it comes to concentration levels in each tablet.

The active ingredient Tadalafil possesses phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibiting properties. In the case of constricted blood vessels, the walls may be contracting and obstructing the flow of blood. The drug releases the active ingredient in the bloodstream which relaxes the muscles present in the walls of the veins. This opens the vessels up and normal blood flow can resume again. In cases of erectile dysfunction, the required amount of blood flow to the sexual organ is restored after the Intake of the drug.

This Medicine should be consumed orally, like any other tablet you might have taken. The dosage should be restricted to one tablet a day. The strength of the medication remains at the discretion of your doctor. Your doctor might start you off with a medium strength dosage let’s say, 10 mg tablets. Depending on what your body’s tolerance level is and how well the tablets are working, the strength of the tablets might be increased or decreased.

The highest recommended dosage for this medicine should not exceed more than 20mg. The tablets can be taken on an empty stomach. The optimum window where the tablets start its work is 30 minutes after the intake and before 36 hours. Depending on the patient, the responsiveness may vary but the muscles in the veins are more relaxed during this window.

Missed Dose

If you miss a dose, do not worry about it. Just take the tablets when you remember to take them. But avoid compensating for the missed dose by taking an extra tablet as the dosage is restricted to just one tablet a day. An overdose of Tadalafil tablets can cause some serious side effects.


When it comes to the frequency of the tablets, they should not exceed more than one tablet a day. The drug should be taken on a need basis when required. After you’ve taken the pill, pay close attention to any discomfort or symptoms you might feel in your body. If your symptoms get severe, immediately seek medical attention.

There are some major and rare as well as minor and common side-effects that are associated with this generic drug.

Minor side effect

There are some minor side-effects associated with the use of this capsule which is as follows

  • headaches
  • feeling of nausea
  • pain like sensation in the chest (heartburn)
  • recurring cough
  • stuffy nose
  • back pains and sore muscles

These minor side-effects usually wear off on their own after the drug has exited the bloodstream or the efficacy duration is over. Rest is advised to people.

Major side effect

Uncommon and major side-effects include conditions such as an erection that stays for an unusually long duration of time. If the erection stays for longer than four hours, consult a doctor immediately for help.

There are some major side-effects associated with the use of this capsule which is as follows

  • loss or decrease in hearing
  • diminishing vision and color perception

These are considered severe side-effects and the patient should stop taking the Tadacip Tablets immediately and get some medical help.

General Instructions

Alcohol use should be avoided or minimized after the intake of the tablets.

When not to use?

The tablets should not be used with another erectile dysfunction medication.

Warnings for special population

The medicine should not be prescribed to women who are pregnant or are breastfeeding a child.

General warnings

Should not be used by individuals that suffer from unusually high blood pressure especially if you’re on any medications for that condition.

People suffering from a heart condition and are on a medication for it should completely avoid using ED Tablets.

There are many variants of the Tadacip 20mg Tablets that are available on the market. The one thing they differ on is which tablet is most effective for a certain condition. Regardless, these medications that have been listed below are similar to the chemical composition of the Generic Sildenafil tablets. So, these can be used as a substitute.

  • Vidalista 40
  • Apcalis oral Jelly
  • Megalis
  • Tadalista CT
  • Tadarise
  • Tadasoft
  • Tadora
  • Tazzle
  • Tadafil tablets that are manufactured by Ajanta Pharmacy.
  • Forzest Tablets that are manufactured by Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd.
  • Upwardz tablets that are manufactured by Ttk healthcare Ltd.

What if I miss a dose?

Missing a dose shouldn’t be a problem. Just take the tablet before any intimate activity. The dosage may last up to 36 hours. Thus, do not take more than 1 tablet a day.

In how much time does the tablet starts working?

Generally, the active ingredient starts taking effect almost half an hour to an hour after the pill has been taken.

Tadacip 20mg Tablets Suitability with alcohol?

The usage of alcohol should be completely avoided after you’ve taken the pill.

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