Sumitop 100mg Tablet (Sumatriptan)

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10 Tablets in a stip
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Healing Pharma, India
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Healing Pharma, India

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This medicine is a composition of Sumatriptan. You must take this medicine as it was exactly prescribed for you. You must not use the medicine in larger or smaller amounts as per your will. You should not use it for longer than the recommended period as well.

Take one tablet whole with a full glass of water without splitting or breaking it.

In case of adults, single doses of Sumatriptan 100mg Tablets are usually recommended for the acute treatment of a migraine. If a headache is not relieved, or goes away and comes back, then you need to take a second tablet two hours after the first.

Never take more than 200 mg of this drug in 24 hours on your own. If your symptoms are not gone, contact your doctor before making any further dose of the medicine on your own.

Missed Dose

You are always advised to take medicine when your pain starts. If you forget to take the dose at that time, you can take it until your pain does exist. Otherwise, you should consult your doctor.


If you consume more than the recommended dose during your pain, you should tell that to your doctor and follow his/her instructions strictly.

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