Acivir Cream (Acyclovir)

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Cipla Limited
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Herpes labialis, Genital herpes infection, Eye infections by Herpes simplex virus
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5gm Tube
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Acivir Cream 5gm (Acyclovir)
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1 Cream/s
$5.00 /Piece
3 Cream/s
$2.67 /Piece
6 Cream/s
$2.50 /Piece


This Cream is used to treat cold sores like fever blisters or other such blisters in adults. It can be used on face and neck and lips. It falls under the category of anti-viral medication known as synthetic nucleoside analogs. Acyclovir Ointment is used to treat herpes in and around the genitals (this infection can have sores from genitals up to rectum). It should be applied at the first outbreak of the sores or when the first symptoms are experienced. It does not cure the sores. It doesn’t prevent them also, helps to minimize the spread of the virus. It can still be spread from one person to another, irrespective of the application of the ointment or cream.

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