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Generic Medicines

Safe Generic Pharmacy is a customer oriented online drug store which is mainly focused on quality generic medicines and OTC (Over-the-counter) products. They meet the dire need for quality drug with a reasonable price. Use and acceptance of generic drugs are now increasing day by day. They supply generic medicine all over the world without compromising its quality. It has been approved by all of the regulatory authorities like WHO, MCC, TGA etc. Choosing generic drug means we can keep money in our pocket.

Benefit of Generic Medicines:

  •  Lower in price: generic medicines are cheaper in compare with other type of medicine. Because manufacturer don’t have to invest huge amount of money on research, development and for approval process. In developing country people have to pay high price for drug, the situation is far worse.
  • Equal in Quality: It has the same quality, same safety and strength like the branded medicine. It uses the same ingredients and works the same in our body.
  • Safe: Generic drug manufacturer have to maintain the same testing and quality control standards as brand name.
  • Efficacy: It contains the same active ingredient in the same quantity as a brand name medicine. For this reason it has the same effect on our body for curing disease.