How Long After Quitting Smoking Does Erectile Dysfunction Improve?

How Long After Quitting Smoking Does Erectile Dysfunction Improve?

Erectile dysfunction is such type of sexual disorder that prevents both of you and your partner from being properly satisfied while you are in bed and involved in sexual activity. This physical issue is a very common problem today in this fast-paced world. Though it is an age-related problem it affects men of all ages. Proper treatment and medication can treat this problem very easily.

Some people, who do not have proper knowledge, sometimes think that erectile dysfunction and impotence are the same. The two problems are very similar, but some factors are different. Both of these are sexual problems and you cannot keep an erection during sex. It means you and your sex partner cannot be sexually happy in both these two conditions with erection difficulty. But you need to remember that impotence is one of the main reasons for impotence. It is associated with inadequate blood supply of the penis. Smoking can take the leading part in increasing ED or impotence.  

Smoking and erectile dysfunction

If you want to define erectile dysfunction clinically, then you can define it as the inability to achieve or maintain an erection sufficiently to get satisfactory sex.

According to the study, approx 20% of all men and up to 52% of males aged between 40–70 years are suffering from different sexual problems including Erectile Dysfunction. Though ED is mainly age related problem, aged people have the strongest association with the problem.  

Apart from these, we know that cigarette smoking may lead to cardiovascular dysfunction, so the risks of erectile dysfunction may established for taking too much tobacco in the form of smoking.

The question is whether quitting smoking can reduce some of the symptoms that contribute to ED. If yes, then smoking should be stopped. Apart from sex drugs, it should be the goal of intensive treatment of erectile dysfunction. 

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How Smoking Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Smoking or excessive use of tobacco affects the blood flow throughout the body, as well as impedes blood flow to the penis. So if you want to get maximum blood flow then you should quit smoking. In addition, you should know that smoking can reduce sexual interest. So, it is proven that quitting smoking can help you enjoy more while you are in bed. 

Why Does Smoking Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Cigarettes usually Contain approximately 41,000 chemicals including arsenic, carbon monoxide and acetone, so these substances are always dangerous for our health and also lead to ED. Not only that, it can block the arteries. So the blood flow can be restricted. 

Due to sexual arousal, the erection occurs and your brain sends the message to the penis to be erected. At that time the spongy tissue named the corpus cavernosum filled with blood. Then it becomes erect enough for having sex. But the blood flow becomes restricted due to any damage to the nerves of the penis.

Apart from the ED, Smoking can also cause various health problems like heart attacks, strokes, and heart disease. You need to remember all these problems can contribute to erectile dysfunction. 

Quite ED for treating ED

If your doctor informs you that the symptoms of erectile dysfunction or ED can be found in your body due to smoking cigarettes or tobacco substances then the best step in this situation is to quit smoking. So naturally, symptoms of erectile dysfunction can reduce very quickly and easily.

Nicotine is the main ingredient of cigarettes that leads to erectile dysfunction, so switching to nicotine patches may not be completely effective for preventing ED. A 2008 study reveals that nicotine mainly contributes to various sex diseases including erectile dysfunction. 

So a smoker gradually reduces smoking may significantly improve sexual ability and enhance the quality of erection. 

In some cases, smoking is not mainly responsible for ED, so quitting smoking might not be enough to prevent ED. So in this situation quitting tobacco cannot affect your sexual performance. You need to discuss this with your physician and take the erectile dysfunction medicine regularly at least one tablet daily including Cenforce 100, Kamagra 100, Super Kamagra, and Vidalista 20. It is proven in many studies that, these are effective treatments for keeping or maintaining an erection as well as improving your sexual performance when you are in bed. 

Smoking is very closely related to various cardiovascular diseases, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, lung problems, kidney problems, and many more. Not only that, it can cause issues like ED. Taking up some healthy habits regularly such as some effective exercise, particularly aerobic exercise can help to quit smoking. It is also very effective in lowering blood pressure and improving your sexual health. It also helps you stay focused on your life aim and helps avoid distractions, cravings and setbacks. 

Other treatments for ED

Apart from these, reducing or quitting alcohol consumption, quitting tobacco, proper weight loss, and increasing physical activity. It would help if you changed those types of ED medicines, which have the risk of creating impotence, after that, it may lead to ED medicine like anti-depression medicine, anti-anxiety medicine etc. Testosterone therapy is beneficial to improve energy levels and mood and also reduce depression. So usually, it increases the sexual desire in that male with a low testosterone level. 

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