Basic Information guide about Erectile Dysfunction Problem

Basic Information guide about Erectile Dysfunction Problem

Erectile dysfunction ( ED) is when a man finds it difficult to get or keep an erection that’s firm enough to have sex on a regular basis. Although most men have trouble with this issue at some stage in their lives, the condition is only treated medically as ED if adequate sexual performance has been unachievable for some time on several occasions.

There are many reasons for ED – some physical, some psychological. And since the release of ED treatments such as Cenforce, awareness about the condition of ED has become widespread and is now much more openly discussed with physicians than before.
Let’s discuss the common causes – both physical and psychological – of erectile dysfunction and what can be done to treat the condition.

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Physical Causes of ED

While most men suffer sexual performance issues occasionally, a chronic issue is one that progressively worsens or happens routinely – and this may be diagnosed by a doctor as erectile dysfunction. ED can happen due to physical causes, such as when blood flow to the penis is limited or blocked.

ED may also be an early warning sign of a significant underlying condition that limits blood flow in the body, such as heart disease , high blood pressure, atherosclerosis or diabetes. Other factors that may contribute to ED include age, high cholesterol, smoking, drug or alcohol abuse , obesity and a lack of exercise.

Low testosterone levels (low-T) can also blame the shoulder for certain ED cases. If having an erection is painful, or the penis has a pronounced curve, this may be due to Peyronie’s disease – a disorder that urologists frequently successfully treat. Some drugs can also have undesirable side effects such as ED for certain health conditions.

Psychological and Other Causes of ED

One of the issues with ED is the emotional toll it takes upon the self-esteem of a man. ED can cause stress , which in turn places greater pressure on performance, causing more performance-influencing problems.
So it may be a vicious loop where the physical is influenced by the psychological, and vice versa. The fear of sexual failure places increased pressure on performance, creating anxiety , depression, low self-esteem and performance doubts.

Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Non-invasive therapies are, as with most diseases, evaluated before invasive solutions. The least invasive way of treating ED is to strengthen the muscles on the pelvic floor by performing Kegel exercises.

Other treatment methods include oral medicines, such as Viagra, Levitra, and cialis. These all increase blood flow to make an erection more firm.

There is also the prostaglandin E1 injection, vacuum pumps, penile implants, or vascular surgery for people who can’t handle oral medications to fix blood vessel problems. Although surgery is usually reserved as a last resort, the success rate is very high.

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