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Fight spam

Identifying Fraudulent "phishing" email

There are a variety of reasons regarding why you may receive SPAM emails. We will discuss some of these methods here so you can take appropriate steps to safeguard yourself.


Spammers have compiled list of valid Email IDs that they distribute to vendors for financial benefit. If your Email is on one of these lists, you might receive spam emails.

Generated Lists:

Spammers use different software that can guess your Email ID. These software usually generate the emails based on first name, middle initials and last name. They may also use your professional data like business information and generate email IDs. Popular nicknames are also used to guess email IDs.

Signing Up for Services:

Sometimes users sign up for different services on the internet voluntarily. These service providers might sell the user information to other parties due to which you might receive spam emails.

 Disclosure in Public Forum:

If you have made an account on a public forum and kept your Email information public, the email can be copied from there and spam emails will be sent to you. The email address can also be copied from any webpage that lists your email ID publically.

You can use the below mentioned methods to deal with Spam emails:

1.            Most Email service providers allow users to mark emails as Junk or Spam. You can turn on the auto filtering feature and most spam mails will be automatically stored in a separate folder marked “SPAM”.

2.            Another method to deal with spam emails is to contact the administrator of the domain from which you are getting spam emails. Since Spamming is against the Acceptable Usage Policy of any ISP, the admin will surely help you out. If you are getting spam emails from SafeGenericPharmacy, contact our administrator at Make sure that you mention the complete header of the spam message you have received and our administrator will take all necessary steps to ensure that you do not receive any unwanted messages from our website. To ensure that you have sent us all required info, it is best that you forward the spam email to us as an attachment along with your complaint.

Use the following method to send us Spam Complaint:

1.            Open the Spam email and select “Forward as Attachment”.

2.            In the “TO:” option enter

3.            Also send the message to Here you will have to replace with the name of actual domain from where you are receiving the spam emails. This means if you have received spam email from, you are supposed to send the email to

Below is the method for reporting spam emails to our administrator if you are using Microsoft Outlook 2003 – 2007:

1.            Go in Tools Menu and select “Options”.

2.            Now Click on tab that says “Preferences” and select “Email Options”.

3.            You will see a section titled “On Replies and Forwards”. In this section, change the setting for “When Forwarding a Message” to “Attach Original Message”. Also note the original setting for the same and click OK.

4.            Now click “Forward” in the spam Email and it will be automatically attached to your email. Send this email to the above mentioned address of our administrator along with any message that you might want to convey.

If you want to reset the original setting for your Microsoft Outlook 2003 – 2007, follow the steps mentioned below:

1.            Select Tools Menu and click on “Options”.

2.            Click on the Preferences TAB and select Email Options.

3.            In the “On Replies and Forwards”, change the setting for “When Forwarding a Message” to “Include Original Message text” or whatever the setting was before you changed it.

4.            Click OK.

We have listed the above two procedures for internet based email clients, like Gmail and Hotmail, or if you are using an email client that you have downloaded in your PC, like Microsoft Outlook 2003 – 2007. We have included these methods as these are the most popular clients. If you are using any other email client, we will recommend that you use the documentation provided with your software.