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An eCheck is just like any physical check except that it is dispatched as well as encashed electronically. At SafeGenericMedicines we are very happy to receive eChecks which will work both in your own favor as well ours. All you need to do is send us an eCheck for the said amount of your medications. We will then send it to the clearing bank for processing which usually takes 2-3 days. As soon as it is cleared, we will send your package across to you.

The only conditions for using eChecks are that the payer in question must have a US bank account, and of course there should be adequate funds in the concerned bank account.

As far as information required for eChecks is concerned, they are very basic that include:

1  Bank account number

2  The name as on your bank account

3 Bank routing number

All these 3 key pieces of information would already be there on your eCheck so there is little cause for concern.

When it comes to eChecks they offer numerous obvious advantages whereby we actively recommend using them without hesitation:

1  Convenience – They are extremely convenient to use; you don’t have to go anywhere to send out physical checks – your eCheck will be dispatched from your machine.

2  Low Processing Fees – Processing fees on eChecks is much lower than on physical checks since there is no direct human involvement; they are processed electronically without any fuss.

3  Low Cost – Acquisition of these eChecks and their dispatch also turns out to be a much cheaper option than using paper checks which need to be dispatched personally or in our case most likely by post.

4  Ease of Conversion – Banks too find these eChecks rather easy to deal with since they can easily recognize them by scanning; so the time taken to process also tends to be lower.

5  Environment Friendly – We cannot deny the fact that when it comes to eChecks, they are also very good for the environment since there is no paper used in the process.

Under these circumstances, at SafeGenericMedicines, we would certainly encourage you to use eChecks as often as possible.