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Became an Affiliate

SafeGenericPharmacy Affiliate Program is definitely among the Top affiliate programs in the pharmaceutical sector. Among the many factors that distinguish our program include the following:

  • 24 hr affiliate assistance from our experts, any issues are addressed promptly.
  • Easily accessible sales promotional tools for all our affiliates.
  • Sales orders of between 140 -180 USD to cater for everyone, including the average earner.
  • A wide range of medications, all under the approval of WHO/FDA.

SafeGenericPharmacy – About Us

Our affiliate program is not only a leader; it is also a respected pioneer within the pharmaceutical sector. This is as a result of three key factors which are the following:

  • A wide array of easily marketable medications.
  • A well maintained reputation of great success with our existing affiliates.
  • Individualized customer care for each and every affiliate.

Just like all our affiliates have discovered, our affiliate program presents many benefits which include (but not necessarily limited to) the following:

  • Earnings that are not only stable, but consistent too – as our affiliate, our highly qualified experts will advise you on how your earnings can remain stable and consistent.
  • Easily accessible global markets – one of the topmost factors that contribute to the success of our program is our ability to access global markets, where even our competitions have not been able to gain access.
  • Exceptional interface - our exceptional interface is also among the factors that assure us of returning customers. The selection and procurement processis extremely easy, especially where newbies are involved.
  • Ever available affiliate assistance - our experts are always available to act on the needs of our affiliates. This ensures that no issues are left pending for an extended period of time.
  • The company’s perspective on sales – according to our own perspective, an affiliate program can never be described as a success when the parent company is not making any effort to perk up their own sales. With this in mind, our company’s zest towards improving sales and keeping our business thriving is incomparable, and this further improves the sales of our affiliates and their commissions/earnings too.
  • Generous commissions and timely payouts – all our affiliates can attest to the fact that our commission percentages are by far the best in the industry today. In addition to that, we make sure that every affiliate always gets paid in a timely manner.

The Process

Joining our affiliate program is as easy as driving traffic or buying visitors to our website. It is really as simple as that, after which our well-trained staff will handle everything from there. Since our staff is well trained, we will do our very best to generate sales so as to ensure that all our affiliates earn a commission for every visitor they send our way. This is because without any sales, our affiliates would definitely not have any commission coming their way, which we definitely not want to happen.

As our affiliates have discovered, tracking their commission or earnings is actually very simple. Our company has exceptional tools whose duties are to accumulate and pay out all earnings within the chosen time frame.

In spite of this, we are always taking further measures to improve our general interface so as to ensure that all our affiliates have nothing to worry about, other than directing traffic towards us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer additional credit for up-sells or phone sales?

Of course! Every affiliate will receive a commission for any phone sale or up-sell that has occurred through his/her effort.

What are your commission rates?

It is an undisputable fact that our commission rates are very competitive. As our affiliate, you can effortlessly expect a percentage of 25-35% from qualified sales generated via your leads. In addition to this, we have another system known as the second tier commission, where an affiliate is entitled to a commission of 5%, based on any sales generated via any affiliates who signed up through him/her.

How much does it cost to join your affiliate program?

Nothing! Our program will cost you absolutely nothing to sign up or join.

Do you offer any initiatives to improve sales?

Of course! Our company offers a variety of tools and channels to help improve sales. For example, our affiliates will be offered vibrant banners that are designed to drive sales. Also on offer are various tips and techniques from our experts to help drive sales, especially for our newbies.

Does your company have website specifics?

None! Our company doesn’t have any website specifics and our affiliates can promote or sell on any website of their choice, in fact we even present the needed tools and promotional channels. In addition to this, our affiliates are free to use as many websites as they wish to drive sales. Our company doesn’t limit the platforms that an affiliate may choose to promote and/or sell.

How do you track affiliate performance?

Affiliates can track their performance quite easily through a “reports” link offered by us. Through this link, our affiliates should be in a position to know where they stand in terms of performance. Other than that, this link will also suggest areas that can improve performance, for example, it can point out drugs that sell fast or those that take forever to sell.

Is it okay if I send out bulk emails?

NO! Sending out bulk emails is considered as SPAM and our company is totally against it. In fact, this might very easily get you disqualified from the SafeGenericPharmacy Affiliate Program.

What are your payment modes and timelines?

Our affiliates can attest to this- we pay weekly (once) via wire transfer. We also pay on time therefore ensuring that none of our affiliates ever has the need to pursue or to chase their payments.

If you have any other questions that we have not answered or answered clearly enough in this section, please do not hesitate contacting us and we will address any issues ASAP!