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Welcome To Our Affiliate Program!

It pays to be an Affiliate with SafeGenericPharmacy!

We clearly run one of the best and most transparent affiliate programs you are likely to find online, with multiple ways in which you can earn affiliate commission. Our affiliate program is highly rewarding and intrinsically satisfying whereby you could make a lot of money with relatively little effort, provided of course you are able to bring in the traffic that we seek…by the droves!

Some pointers as to why our affiliate program makes so much sense:

  1. Our portfolio of medications is simply HUGE, all of which have been duly approved by regulatory bodies at the highest levels such as the FDA or the WHO.
  2. We provide all the promotional tools that you could possibly need to make the most of our affiliate program, including some of the most enticing banner ads ever seen!
  3. There is always help available for any assistance that you may require as an esteemed member of our affiliate program.
  4. Our average sales orders are fairly large, upwards of $150, which means you stand to make very good commissions with the affiliate effort that you put in.

Further we would also like to add that we have seen the entire affiliate space from close range where there are many folks putting in a huge amount of effort for relatively low returns. At SafeGenericPharmacy we clearly do not want that to happen with the affiliates who choose to sign up with us. Instead we want them to make maximum commission on the efforts that they put in. After all, our own success is linked to theirs – they can earn excellent commission only when we generate robust sales!

Some facts about us which you can be reassured about:

  1. We have been running our affiliate program for a long time and existing affiliates have only glowing statements to make about the entire experience.
  2. Not only do we have a wide range of medications on offer that range keeps expanding rapidly. So you will have new medications to promote at all times.
  3. We clearly work in the interest of affiliates and want them to maximize their earnings.

Also note some clear advantages in working with us as an affiliate below.

Global reach

Our reach is clearly global since our clients come from all parts of the world. So no matter where you may be located in, you can earn commissions from us, promoting our medications to customers spread all over the globe!

Reliable and Consistent Earnings

A pet peeve of a lot of affiliates is the inconsistent earnings that they have to deal with. With us, that is rarely the scenario. Instead we find that affiliates only tend to grow, with steadily increasing earnings!

Timely Payments with High Commission Rates

We pay all our affiliates in time, on schedule. Not only that, if you compare with peers in the industry, you will find our commission rates to be among the highest around. So given the effort you put in, not only are you assured of returns, you are also assured of high returns with timely payment of those returns.

An Excellent Interface for End Customers

This is important for affiliates; even after you have brought them to our site, they can purchase only when the interface itself happens to be one which is easy to use and navigate. Accordingly, we have put together a really simplistic and intuitive interface which even novices in computers can use with complete élan.

Complete Support from us

Besides the requisite promotional tools and tips on driving traffic to our site, you will receive support from us at all times, say answers to any questions or clarifications that you may have, in the shortest possible time period.

Signing up

Signing up with us as an affiliate is quick and simple…and of course FREE!

There is only a simple form to fill up and you would be good to go. 

Your focus essentially has to be very clearly on driving traffic; as long as you are able to do that, we can easily take care of everything else!

No doubt this may seem easier said than done, but with clever promotional strategies, a good website (or websites), as well as just about any other such platforms should together work very well towards achieving our mutual goals.

As our experience over the years has shown, excellent quality content has consistently been the primary driver for traffic to come in via the affiliate route; so do make sure to focus on creating superb content.

Some Points to Note

Do not deploy any unethical means to drive traffic such as sending out spam. If you do so, you will be permanently barred from our affiliate program.

Other than that, you can use any website or blog or some promotional tool to promote us and to drive traffic to our website. We have no restrictions on the number of platforms that you can have.

And with the generous commission rates that we offer, in the range of 25 to 30%, your efforts are pretty much certain to pay you back really very well. Moreover, we pay additional commission in the range of 5% even on the sales that affiliates you referred us to, bring to us. So for instance if an affiliate signed up for our affiliate program using a referral link from you, not only will that affiliate earn commission for sales generated, you too will earn a small bonus, simply because you were the one who had referred that affiliate to us! 

Not only that, you can earn commission even on offline referrals, say someone walks up to us to buy medications, saying you referred that person to us – of course we will be completely delighted and obliged to reward you!

Your affiliate commission payments would be directly wire transferred to you each week.

In case you happen to have any questions regarding our affiliate program, feel free to write in to us.